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Alfie Douglas London Studio Workshop

Alfie Douglas, a family name, a family business.

For the last five years we have been quietly developing a new British premium accessory brand. Not a spin off or copycat of another brand, but something completely new and fresh.

A brand that responds to changing consumer tastes and ideals, a brand for the future. We have been busy experimenting and listening to our customers. We’ve had literally thousands of one to one conversations, getting to understand their likes and dislikes, their needs. And we have learnt that individuality, sustainability, honesty and traceability are central to their buying decisions.

And so we would like to introduce ourselves, Alfie Douglas, a family name, a family business. A carefully curated range of products designed to appeal to a wide ranging audience with a proven track record, incredible brand loyalty and a worldwide appeal.

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Alfie Douglas Handmade Leather Backpacks Made in UK

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