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our core values


The extraordinary simplicity of our design greatly minimises environmental impact compared with conventional production processes.

Our supply chain is small and carefully managed. Waste is reduced and all packaging is kept to the absolute minimum and 100% recyclable


Our leathers are produced using organic botanical extracts from Mimosa, Québracho and Chestnut barks. Environmentally friendly with no harsh chemicals, it’s a slow process taking up to six months to produce beautiful rich leather made to last a lifetime. Natural pigments are used to create rich, stunning colours.


Everything is connected and we are a tiny part of an ecosystem made up of a complex network of interconnected systems. These connections run through every part of our business including our suppliers, our people and our customers and we have to act responsibly to help preserve our planet for future generations.


Minimalism isn’t just a look, it’s a way of life. So many items are over-fussy, frivolous, complicated. Life can be the same. Mass production and sharp marketing has turned us into a throw-away society, far removed from the sources of the materials and the people making them. Buying things for the moment and not for life.