Made in England

Made in England

There is a growing desire for ‘Made in England’ and a shortage of ‘genuine’ English manufacturers, with misleading labelling practices common in the industry.

Alfie Douglas are proud of their heritage and as a British brand embrace the status that ‘Made in England’ carries throughout the world. Their ethos, 'made by individuals for individuals' carries through every aspect from design through to finished product.

Although the products are simple, there’s more to making a simple leather bag than meets the eye. It takes time, a skilled hand and a sophisticated knowledge of materials to get it right. Every piece is hand built at traditional workbenches in small batches by craftsman using skills that have been passed down through generations of the same family.

Alfie Douglas makers are a dedicated group of individuals who take great pride in everything that they make. Each piece is assembled and finished by hand, even the rivets, which are specially made, are hand-hammered. Each maker has their own distinctive style and personality making every Alfie Douglas piece unique and one of a kind.


Alfie Douglas, the story so far...

For the last five years the team at Alfie Douglas have been quietly developing a new British premium accessory brand. Not a spin off or copycat of another brand, but something completely new and fresh. A brand that responds to changing consumer tastes and ideals, a brand for the future.

They have been busy experimenting and listening to their customers and had literally thousands of one to one conversations with them, getting to understand their likes and dislikes, their needs. They have learnt that individuality, sustainability, honesty and traceability are at the heart of their buying decisions.

Alfie Douglas is a family name and a family business.  They are proud of their heritage and as a British brand, embrace the status that ‘Made in England’ carries throughout the world. They present a carefully curated range of products designed to appeal to a wide ranging demographic with a proven sales track record, incredible brand loyalty and a worldwide appeal.


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