Workshop: Yoga / Towel Strap

Workshop: Yoga / Towel Strap

Make a yoga / towel strap at a 'Sew & Tell' Workshop at our ‘Back to Zero' Event at The Old Truman Brewery, East London...An exciting opportunity to create a handcrafted leather accessory with the Alfie Douglas Family. Enjoy a drink, meet the makers, learn the process and craft a unique, personal accessory for yourself or a friend!

The workshop will be run by the Mother & Daughter team - Davida & Jess who are in charge of design and production at Alfie Douglas. You will get to interact and learn directly from the makers!

In this workshop you will introduced to different leather working processes such as:
- Cutting leather from a large panel
- Edge bevelling and finishing techniques
- Hole punching and shaped cutting
- Introduction to hand stitching
- Introduction to hand hammered riveting
- Final finishing

Wednesday 21st September 2016
6 - 7pm
The Old Truman Brewery
Shop 8, Dray Walk,
London E1 6QL

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