Our Eco-Driven Ethos: Sustainable Luxury

Our Eco-Driven Ethos: Sustainable Luxury

A new class of global consumer is emerging...

They are better educated, smarter, and bringing in a more subtle sophistication and meaning to the word luxury.  No longer buying a logo for the logo’s sake, consumers now want to know the provenance, how and where it was made and the quality of the materials. They are looking for more than just a product, they look for an experience, a tradition, an authenticity.

And this is where Alfie Douglas strikes a remarkable chord with a growing number of global customers who appreciate their brand ethos; in particular, the honesty and transparency. The brand connects with it's customers on so many different levels, meaning that every single customer can connect directly with the people who design, experiment and develop every single item.

Every single piece that comes out of the Alfie Douglas workshop is made with exceptional care. They use exceptional quality materials combined with traditional manufacturing methods together minimal waste and traceable materials. They place high value on ethical and sustainable production methods and all products are made as responsibly as possible.

The end result is a bag designed to last a lifetime...a lifetime of fun...



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