New for '22: DIY Leather Accessory Kits

New for '22: DIY Leather Accessory Kits

making things is good for us

In an age of unprecedented choice and speed, the calming process of creating and making things by hand makes us happy and is good for our mental health and wellbeing.

Our range of do-it-yourself kits are designed to fill this need. Individually made by hand with professionally selected tools and materials, each kit makes a high quality, practical item designed to integrate with today's lifestyles.

Clear, straightforward instruction make learning a new life skill fun and rewarding.

learn new techniques and skills

  • precision measuring and preparation
  • use a hammer and leather pricking tool to create stitching holes.
  • traditional saddle backstitch using a needle and waxed linen thread

A practice piece of leather is provided so that you will be able to test out the techniques first.

The tool set can be used again and again for future projects - watch out for our range of blanks coming soon!

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