Brand Ethos: Design Inspiration

Brand Ethos: Design Inspiration

The spirit of London

We inhabit one of the most vibrant, creative cities in the world. The excitement and energy is absorbed and reflected back in the soul of everything that we make. We follow a long tradition of creativity, innovation and are proud to say that our products are designed in London.


Alfie Douglas design inspiration handmade in england



Minimalism isn’t just a look, it’s a way of life. We believe that we can all live better with less items. Mass production has turned us into a throw-away society, buying things for the moment and not for life, becoming far removed from the source and the people making them. We believe in making products that last a lifetime and beyond.


Alfie Douglas design inspiration handmade in englandAlfie Douglas design inspiration handmade in england


Keeping it simple

The simplest design hides the most thoughtful details. We design and make simple, beautiful, functional bags. Bags designed to share a lifetime of adventure. A bag for work, a bag for play, a bag for life.


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