minimal design

The extraordinary simplicity of our design and production process greatly minimises energy consumption and the associated environmental impact compared with conventional production practices.

All our pieces are designed and made to last a lifetime of fun and adventure and, if needed, are easy to repair.


We are constantly sourcing new materials and are introducing a range of products using sustainable, recycled materials throughout 2022. Our traditional leather ranges use leather made using natural botanical extracts from varieties of bark, fruit, roots and leaves. Environmentally friendly with no harsh chemicals, it’s a slow process taking up to six months from start to finish. The end result is a beautiful rich leather and deep natural colours.

Our production processes are carefully controlled and our suppliers conform to the highest International environmental standards. Our supply chain is small and carefully managed. We avoid all plastics and our waste is minimal. All packaging contain recycled materials which are 100% recyclable.

All products come in a reusable pure cotton bag which can be used to store your bag or, when not in use, we like to use ours for shopping, laundry and cosmetics.

Alfie Douglas eco friendly sustainable paper packaging