The Zero - simple, convertible one-of-a-kind bag


Since launching in 2012 Alfie Douglas have pushed boundaries, striving to simplify design at the same time maximising function and durability. A simple mission - to create the best bags in the world.

Last year the AD team embarked on a project to create the ultimate premium everyday bag. Making an ultra-simple bag might seem like a fairly basic challenge at first, but designer Jessica says that when you start looking at the details and subtlety, things quickly get complicated. "At first glance, there's not a whole lot going on or a lot of hardware to think about," she says. "But doing something that is genuinely unique and special is both a design and manufacturing challenge."

“We wanted a bag that would suit both men and women and look good on different body types” Jessica explains, “we also wanted the bag to convert form a shoulder bag to backpack, easy to talk about almost impossible to do in practice!”. But team AD were up to the challenge. ”The process involved creating many different prototypes that were tested on dozens of people. “We have created a revolutionary ‘motion’ tab which enables the bag to quickly convert from a shoulder bag to backpack”, explains co-designer Davida “this was one of those ‘light-bulb’ moments that doesn’t come round that often!” 

The result is the Zero range, simple adaptable beautiful bags designed and made in England and now being sold in over 30 countries throughout the world.


Alfie Douglas, the story so far...

For the last five years the team at Alfie Douglas have been quietly developing a new British premium accessory brand. Not a spin off or copycat of another brand, but something completely new and fresh. A brand that responds to changing consumer tastes and ideals, a brand for the future.

They have been busy experimenting and listening to their customers and had literally thousands of one to one conversations with them, getting to understand their likes and dislikes, their needs. They have learnt that individuality, sustainability, honesty and traceability are at the heart of their buying decisions.

Alfie Douglas is a family name and a family business.  They are proud of their heritage and as a British brand, embrace the status that ‘Made in England’ carries throughout the world. They present a carefully curated range of products designed to appeal to a wide ranging demographic with a proven sales track record, incredible brand loyalty and a worldwide appeal.


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