Meet the Alfie Douglas team...

Meet the Alfie Douglas team...


Alfie Douglas is a family business. The team is made up of husband and wife duo Simon and Davida Hadden and two of their four daughters, Emily and Jess, who each bring a creative discipline to the mix at their London studio. They follow a simple brand ethos where quality holds precedence, ‘Making products that look good and carry on working for a lifetime of use’.

Each family member is involved in every aspect of the design and production process. From branding, product design and development through to photography and customer relations. It all happens in their creative studio in London.

With a growing demand for smaller, British made specialist manufacturers, Alfie Douglas has found a niche in the lifestyle market, something never seen before – an entire family of creatives with a hunger for the handmade and a commitment to constantly evolve and progress.


Simon & Davida Hadden, Directors

Have owned creative businesses for the last 34 years, specialising in product development, manufacturing and retailing. Their daughters have grown up in a creative environment and the family have now collaborated to create Alfie Douglas, a brand that is as uncommon as it is elegant.

Emily Hadden, Creative Director

Has 7 years experience within the creative fashion industry, working within top fashion houses and agencies across London. Previously an Art Director at Stella McCartney and has worked with brands such as Liberty London, ASOS and Galeries Lafayette.

Jessica Hadden, Design Director

Since graduating from university with a Fashion Graphics degree, Jessica has been involved with the setup and development of Alfie Douglas and now runs the design and production sector.


Alfie Douglas, the story so far...

For the last five years the team at Alfie Douglas have been quietly developing a new British premium accessory brand. Not a spin off or copycat of another brand, but something completely new and fresh. A brand that responds to changing consumer tastes and ideals, a brand for the future.

They have been busy experimenting and listening to their customers and had literally thousands of one to one conversations with them, getting to understand their likes and dislikes, their needs. They have learnt that individuality, sustainability, honesty and traceability are at the heart of their buying decisions.

Alfie Douglas is a family name and a family business.  They are proud of their heritage and as a British brand, embrace the status that ‘Made in England’ carries throughout the world. They present a carefully curated range of products designed to appeal to a wide ranging demographic with a proven sales track record, incredible brand loyalty and a worldwide appeal.


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