Manufacturing Trends for 2018

Manufacturing Trends for 2018

As a brand we try to be as sustainable as possible. We use only premium quality materials which are produced under responsible environmental standards, our leather hides are a by-product of the food industry and our supply chain is small with little waste.

We know that 'going green' has been on the up for many years now, but what other manufacturing trends will we be seeing more of in 2018?

Going Green

Companies are finally starting to realise the benefits of running a sustainable business not only on the planet but on their own businesses too. Typically, they will have less waste, rely on less energy and therefore increase profit margins. It will also increase the reputation of brands, as consumers consciously seek out environmentally friendly products and packaging.


alfie douglas handmade sustainable manufacturing


Despite many people fearing that robotics will be taking away the jobs of humans, in 2018 robots will be given more repetitive, manually-intensive tasks, freeing up manufacturing and production teams’ time for more valuable tasks. 


alfie douglas handmade manufacturing

3D Printing

Manufacturers are recognising that 3D printing can be used to save time and money during the product development process, particularly when it comes to making prototypes - therefore reducing new product investment and helping to deliver products to market much more quickly.

With the development of technology and the Internet we expect to see many more advances in manufacturing in 2018 and as a eco-conscious brand we will continue to develop our manufacturing process to be as green and efficient as possible. 


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Photo: Ellie Tsatsou

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