Is "Made In Britain" Still Something To Be Proud Of?

Is "Made In Britain" Still Something To Be Proud Of?

As Brexit approaches us now is the time to stand strong as a British brand and show the rest of the world what our skills and expertise have to offer.

As you know we are a British brand who design and manufacture our products in England. All our products are hand built at traditional workbenches in small batches by craftsman using skills that have been passed down through generations of the same family. We are proud of our heritage and as a British brand we embrace the status that ‘Made in England’ carries throughout the world.

"Many businesses say that it's often skills that determine the value of the 'Made in Britain' brand. In other words, heritage has a value but only if products and services are in demand."

Trade and export minister Rona Fairhead says that "we have a lot of skills that I have seen as I have gone up and down the UK that really are in demand elsewhere in the world".

She adds: "What I have seen in the months that I have been in this role is real energy in the UK to export and real appetite from countries around the world to buy British."

...So yes, we believe that if there is one thing to look forward to about Brexit it will be that we are 'Made in Britain'.


Reference: BBC - Is "made in Britain" still a brand to be proud of
Photo: Ellie Tsatsou

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