Meet: Sophie Kirk

Meet: Sophie Kirk

This month we caught up with one of our style crushes and fellow Alfie D. fan Sophie Kirk...

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do...
I am currently a Fashion Styling and Production student at London College of Fashion

We are big fans of your Instagram! Your work feels very natural and organic, what helps you to keep creating something new?
Thank you so much! I always try and look at things from a different perspective and find myself constantly on the lookout for inspiration. Whether that be the shadows that form from the afternoon sunlight or something as simple as the details on a piece of clothing. I never push myself to create things, I only do it when it feels right.

What do you love and hate about social media?
The best part for me about social media, Instagram especially, is its ability to connect me with so many amazing creatives around the world. I’ve met so many inspirational people that I wouldn’t have had to chance to connect with otherwise. What I dislike the most about social media, is that I feel like it can sometimes create a lot of pressure for me to always put out inspiring content and that can be hard at times when I’m uninspired or too busy with university work

We love your looks featuring Alfie Douglas, what do you like about our products?
Thank you! I love how timeless each product is and how easy your bags are to pair with almost anything. I also love that they’re handmade in London with such high-quality materials. 

 Alfie Douglas meets Sophie Kirk
Alfie Douglas meets Sophie Kirk
Alfie Douglas meets Sophie Kirk
Alfie Douglas meets Sophie Kirk

Swivel Pouch - Tan

Alfie Douglas Sophie Kirk interviewAlfie Douglas Sophie Kirk interview
Alfie Douglas Sophie Kirk interview

You can see more of Sophie's work on her Instagram - @blueyedfringe

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