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maxi case

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Inspired by the Japanese art of origami, each case is crafted from a single piece of leather which is assembled by hand to form a super-light, protective structure.

adaptable: The adjustable 140cm (55 inch) leather thong strap allows the case to be worn in multiple ways or on a belt.

materials: Made from eco-friendly leather prepared using natural botanical extracts from wood bark, fruit, roots and leaves. The leather has a smooth matt finish and resin interior to make a strong, durable case.

The extraordinary simplicity of the design minimises environmental impact.

use for: Passport, purse / wallet, keys, cards, tickets, headphones and more.
  • size: 210 x 140 x 30mm
  • weight 150g
  • side locking tab closure
  • made in England
  • premium environmentally certified leather made with botanical extracts
  • model: MAXI

    *Please note that not all colours are currently photographed